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New dimension in intralogistics.

The digital experience of Jungheinrich at LogiMAT 2022

You missed our virtual trade fair for this year's LogiMAT or would like to watch selected presentations for a second time? ​
No problem! ​
We are happy to provide you the content of your digital experience of Jungheinrich at LogiMAT 2022 for one more week via our online platform.

Take a look at the event schedule here


Web sessions, a virtual showroom and expert advice – that’s your digital experience of Jungheinrich at LogiMAT.

We want to make your intralogistics more efficient and sustainable. Attend our online event where you can get advice from our team of experts in a live chat. Based on our comprehensive process knowledge, we can develop an intralogistics system that is tailored to your needs. We look forward to seeing you.


6 languages.

You can enjoy "Your digital experience of Jungheinrich at LogiMAT" in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish.


Key topics.

The choice is yours: You either attend the entire online event or you only watch the web sessions that you’re interested in. Please check out the agenda for more information.


Solutions in the spotlight.

Our team of experts will focus on your daily challenges in their web sessions – and is on hand to offer tailored advice.


All highlights.

We bring you the best of LogiMAT – from the trade fair grounds straight to your office.


Event Agenda

Welcome to your digital experience of Jungheinrich at LogiMAT.
Meet our new brand ambassador Nico Rosberg: He will open our digital event and experience the new dimension in intralogistics together with you.

New dimension in e-mobility.

You don't always have to reinvent the wheel. But you do have to keep improving. Optimize the agility, the safety, the comfort and most of all the sustainability of your warehouse. And in doing so, shape the standard of an entire industry – open up a new dimension.

Are you wondering how exactly this can be achieved?

In this web session our experts will help you navigate every step of this new dimension in e-mobility – from planning to implementation.

New dimension in efficiency.

Is your warehouse reaching its capacity limits? Is the time and cost pressure constantly increasing? Is the number of returned goods rising? Or is managing your warehouse on paper no longer feasible?

Jungheinrich has the solution for you: We are changing space and time!

How do we plan to do that? Get the answers in this online session.

New dimension in automation.

Automation sets your warehouse on a course for future success: It makes any warehouse more efficient and economical – but how can people, production resources and intelligent automatic storage systems be connected to optimize your working processes?

Our experts will give you an insight in this webinar.

New dimension in digitalisation.

Intralogistics is becoming increasingly complex and dynamic. In order to keep pace, warehouses need to change. They have to become faster, more flexible, more transparent – in other words, more digitalised.

But how can the raw material of the future – data – be managed efficiently and securely?

Our team of experts will be delighted to present the solutions of the new dimension to you in this timeslot.

Outlook: New dimension in intralogistics – What will the warehouse of the future look like?

Take a look into the future with us: Our member of the Board of Management Sales, Christian Erlach, will give you an insight into the upcoming challenges that the intralogistics sector will have to face in the future – and of course solutions for handlin those challenges effectively.


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